jeudi 15 novembre 2007

Assignment #5

When I first heard about this show, I thought it was for kids, but after watching some episodes I really enjoyed it. This program is funny and it’s a no brainer, it’s not complicated to understand. All the characters have their peculiarities and distinct personalities. They are all really crazy!

The only criticism that can be done to the series is its natural retirement. In the first season Malcolm looks young and in the last season Malcolm is a teenager with acne on his face.

I also learned a few new words, watching some episodes. Here are some of them:

Running time, means the length or duration.

Bumbling, maladroit.

Masterminding, one who plans and directs a complex or difficult project.

Bunch, group of person.

Commitment, obligation.

Stubborn, unreasonably obstinate.

Filthy language, foul language.

Spill, to cause or allow to run or fall from a container accidentally.

Derailment, as in French, I thought it was different.

Outraged, anything that strongly offends.

jeudi 1 novembre 2007

Assignment #4 Season 1 episode 13

(I chose the main character Malcolm)

I was with a bunch of kids playing hockey, but I was the only that I had no skates. My friend Stevie asked me why and I explained that no one in my family can buy skates unless we had received lessons from my dad. Stevie told me to ask him to ask for lesson from my dad, but I said that since my brothers Francis and Reese received classes they have not been the same.

I tried to ask Reese how the lessons were and Reese said he couldn't. I called my older brother Francis and I told him about asking Hal for skating lessons. He told me to be careful. Finally I asked for skating lessons, and my dad told me it was a total commitment.

The next day I was woken up really early by my dad, and we went out to the school, where my dad told me that he was not going to question his methods. He began to dance/skate to the rhythm of the music. My dad showed me my skates, but he said that I was not going to use them, just a paper one. I felt like an idiot skating without the skates. I got embarrassed due to my dad’s technique.

My dad bought me the brand new skates, but I was too stubborn for that. I told Reese that I couldn't believe that Hal cut me off. Reese said that he had never to question his methods. I was frustrated and I tried to steal the skates. Hal discovered me and I said that he was just treating me as a baby, Hal took the skates, and I shouted: Yes well F*** you! and he went away.

My dad told me that there's no way to take back what he did, so he gave me some pages full of filthy name words, my dad wanted me to read the pages while looking him in the eye, I said I couldn't but also I said that I was not going to disappoint him again, so I did it. I asked him to renew the skating lessons.

After all the lessons, I was still skating badly in the hockey game, but Hal put on a song and I began to move well, and managed to score a goal.

mercredi 26 septembre 2007

Assignment #2 Season 2 episode 24


When Malcolm got back home, he was grounded by his mother Lois because he had not come in when promised to give a helping hand to his family to install a new couch in the house. Hal, the father, brought Dewey to throw out the old couch, but he lost it en route to the dump. At night, the vicinity had to be evacuated by military order, due to a chemical spill caused by a train derailment, caused by the couch. All the people in the neighbourhood went to the municipal gymnasium. During this time Reese conjured up a black market scheme by trading supply. He even traded a blanket for an electric wheelchair belonging to an elderly neighbour. The funniest thing that happend was that Dewey acts like an innocent boy and lied that his parents were killed by a cloud from the chemical spill. He told a story that his mother shielded him from the cloud with her body, then he had to strangle his dog to stop it from suffering and on his birthday. When the crowd found out that Dewey was Hal's son they were outraged.

jeudi 20 septembre 2007

Assignment #1 Brief introduction

Welcome to my blog!
I chose Malcolm in the Middle for my TV program. I usually watched this TV program in French at télé Québec, I know a little bit about this program. It’s easy to find almost all episodes on the internet. I will give you some links soon. For the ones who don’t know Malcolm in the Middle I’ll introduce you with a short description of this program.

This series from United States, was created in 2000, and broadcast originally by FOX. All episodes are 22minutes running time. It’s a comedy program. The series are different from many others, in that series is seen through the eyes of Malcolm and sometimes he talks directly to the viewer.

The title of the series is the name of the main character, Malcolm, and he is the middle of the family. There are four children; the oldest Francis is attending a military school away from home. Reese the older brother has a lack of intelligence. Malcolm in the middle has a genius IQ, he gets blamed for masterminding plans to get himself and his brothers into or out of trouble. Dewey is the youngest, whom lives at home.
Lois the Mom, who still manages to rule, even though her boys are growing wise to her crafty ways. Hal the dad who is just a bumbling, big kid at heart, and often finds himself creating more chaos than his five boys combined.